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Air Purification

LX-G1,Primary-effect Fold-style Air Filter


1)Materials: Excellent non-woven fabrics, combined with extrude Aluminium /galvanized sheet /stainless steel/hard paper frame.
2)The exterior frame can be disassemble ,easy to clean and change the filtering material.-folding shape of the filtering material can make the filtration area 3 times than common material.
3)The support frame for the filtration material is made by double-layer galvanizing iron, which can avoid deformation by the strong wind pressure. The exterior frame and the support frame can be reused,which is perfect for environment-friendly and econo
4)With its dust purification capability ≥5μm , the circulation service lift of its backend madium-effciency air filter would be become longer.
5)The thickness of extrude Aluminium frame :46-69-76-80-96; The thickness of hard paper frame:20-46-96
6)Efficiency ratio(by weigh method):G1 40%;G2 70%;G3 85;G4 90%.

Feature: strong ventilation , low resistance, larger filtration capacity
All the sizes available as per requirements




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