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Air Purification

GKYS,HEPA Filter without Clapboard

1)Around the frame wall, it is sealed with polyurethane glue to aovid the leakage.
2)The intake surface and air outlet surface are both with power-coated carbon steel net to avoid 3)the damage of the filtration paper and to inhance the whole tensity of the filter.
4)This filter without clapboard is feature with high efficiency,low resistance, light weight , and 5)uniform airflow. It is easy to install, and have large clogging capacity
6)The highest working temperature is 80℃.And the max humidity is 80%
7)The filtration rate for 0.3-0.5μm speck is over 99.99%.

Application Scope:
Mainly used in the terninal filtration of the purification workshops which deliver the air vertically,such as LSI manufacturing workshop, semiconductor workshop, clean workbench, FFU air delivery Unit etc.




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