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Air Purification

GKT,High Temperature and Hight Effect Filter with Clapboard

1)Filter is made of galvanize plate or stainless steel complished with high temperature resistant sealant.
2)Around the frame wall, it is sealed with anti-temperature mucilage glue to avoid the leakage.
3)Filtration material is made from refractory and superfine fibergalss paper ,which can endure 100% RH mouisture-proof and max 1730℃ high temperature
4)Corrugation clapboard or aluminum foil clapboard keep 4㎜ space, so the air flow will go through easily, which can make sure the furthest usage of the material and inhence the intensity of the filter.
5)Filter with clapboard can catch the speck ≥5μm, low resistance, uniform airflow, large clogging capacity




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