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Air Purification

GF-F5,Medium-Effect Pocket-Style Air Filter


1)Filtrating material is made of synthetic fibre and spinning fabric which can avoid the discomfort made by old fiberglass.
2)The exterior frame can be disassemble, easy to change filtration material. The original frame can be used repeatedly to save the cost.
3)The support frame for the filtration material is made by double-layer galvanized steel or special galvanized iron, which can avoid the distortion beacause of the great wind pressure.
4)Each edge of filter bag applies ultrasonic heating which seal well.
5)There are six -layer liners of each filter bag in order to avoide the over expansion of the filter bag under the working condition.
6)From the feedback of the market and the test of the filter material, the product is with low resistance, large dust capacity, excellet filltration effect, and long serivice life.
7)The product material is without innocuity and insipidity, appearance color is easy to identiy according to the filtration classification mark.
8)The highest working temperature is 80℃.And the max humidity is 80%
All the sizes available as per requirements




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