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FK-XM5Y, Swirl Panel

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Product Description

1)Aluminum or cool-rolled galvanized sheet with powder-coated
2)Square or round shape is available with horizontal air supply and the air
3)composed of fixed-type pre-rotation blades, which are vertically arranged, so that the air flow is big but the noise level is small.
4)supply temperature difference can reach to 10 OC
5)The diffuser is composed with pre-rotation blades, which are vertically arranged
6)The diffusing plate can be fixed on the air-damper by screws
7)Excellent appearance, special design, with good airflow style
8)Outer size can suitable for the architecture structure, east to install
9)Need to compatible with static pressure box

Functions: It supplies twisting air with high inductivity. The supplied air mixed quickly with the indoor air to quickly reduce the air speed and temperature to provide a comfortable environment.
It can be used in A/C system with variable air volume




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