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FK-XLK2,Swirl Adjustable Air Aiffuser

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Product Description

1)Aluminum alloy material;
2)Manually or automatically control, When operating manually, just to open the cover of the tuyere core;
3)The Vane is designed on the principle of fluid dynamics to provide the swirling air flow with a certain primary speed;
4)The angle of the vane can be adjusted in accordance with the working conditions to provided rotating air in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions ,so that can supply airflow with different directions at the same time;
5)Can assort with the sector air valve or round double-direction air valve, as your requirement ;
6)Static painting as per requirement. (any color is available);

Functions: it can make the air supply in spiral shape, so it has a long distance of blowing-in and a large covering surface .increase air convectional effect.

Use: generally used in the large space which has more than 3.8 meters height, such as the airport, train station waiting room, the exhibition Centre, theatres, gym, industrial factory building.




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