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FK-QPK,Ball Jet Diffuser

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Product Description

Aluminum alloy material;
The max up or down adjustment angle of the outlets is 30 degrees;
The product with manual adjustment can be regulated 360 degrees;
Surface is with diamond corner, can be opened by rotating left 45° on horizontal directivity;
Sealed by specail seal member between sphere and exterior frame to achieve the best air tightness, and keep the sphere direction under high air speed;
The outlets can be regulated by hand or electric devices to meet the change of the temperature;
long-distance air supply with less noise;
There is a ball spout in the exhaust hook of the outlet QP together with a draught ring and connecting pipe which can be installed in the round duct;
Can add sector air valve or round air valver as your requirement;
White powder-coating finish or no painting for choice,or color you are prefer.

Functions: Ventilation, dispel heat.

Use: mainly used in the area where the a/c outlets are far away from the people moving around, such as airport, gymnasium, theatre, museum etc.
It is not proper to use ceiling outlets because they are not able to supply air uniformly to the corners and it is better to install ball spouts to supply side air.




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