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FK-GM,Galvanized sheet Control Damper

Primarily be used in supply air valve, return air valve and mixed air valve of the aircondition system etc. and also be used to control the volume of air draft, inlet air, and mixed air.
The product is merit with low leakage, excellent capability, large working temperature range, less friction, moisture proof.

Product Performance:
1.The wind valve is made of 2 MM galvanized sheet, and drill the installation flange hole for customer in advance.
2.The vanes is shaped by 1.0MM excellent galvanized sheet ,then connect by spot welding, so it can be with high strength, resist high static pressure and wind speed.
3. There are commone style, temperature-proof style, heat preservation style.
4. Apply special material and sealant to assure the vane close firmly and low leakage when the valve is closed.
5. adopt the oilness sinter bronze bearing, and so that it can be wth low friction, long life and no need to maintain.




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