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Air Distribution

FK-GF,Drum Jet Diffuser

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Product Description

Aluminum alloy material
specially designed for large airflow and long-distance.
Doubleaction to adjust the blow angle with strong and distant supply capability
Rectangle construction , drum shell which install in a frame , can be ajusted max ±30° up and down.
Under linkage situation, the air-guiding blades can be adjusted ±45° horizontally to make hot/cold airflow distributed in all directions.
OBD vavle can be fixed to advoid the noise, and fix the volume controlling damper on the branch.
There is a sealant in between the frame and the drum to prevent supply airflow leaking and to make the drum stop at any angle.
Natural anodized aluminum finish or powder coated
Non-standard dimensions and specifications can be provided if required

Function: to be used to long-distance hot/cold air supply ;

Use: in the areas with high and large space, where ordinary diffusers or outlets can not be used, e.g. airport terminals, shopping centers, industrial plants, theatres, gyms. Museums, conference halls etc




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